Marvel’s The Punisher : a season 3 is possible ?

In the Face of the cancellation of Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, the fate of the series Netflix Marvel’s The Punisher is uncertain although its showrunner already know what they will do in season 3. The Punisher is the latest series in Marvel in the date have been released on Netflix. While the House of Ideas, and the giant of SVOD have decided to successively cancel Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil, the latter could take the same direction. With the launch of the platform Disney+ the end of 2019, the series Marvel could be visible exclusively on it.

This does not prevent its showrunner Steve Lightfoot have hope for the renewal of Marvel”s The Punisher. In an interview with ComicBook on January 22, last, has teasé what could be the 3 season. To recall [ATTENTION SPOILERS], Castle succeeded in the end of season 2 to get rid, once and for all Jigsaw and free Amy. Now that he has agreed to be the Punisher, the hero can finally fulfill his destiny.[END SPOILERS] : “I have already in mind the sequence of events, I have an idea in mind which I particularly like. I talked to Marvel and they like it also. We hope to have enough luck to be able to do it. […] Ideally, I would like that it takes place in New York. We would see Frank in his role of the Punisher, to the point where it would lead and what problems that would entail. I can’t tell you more, but yes, I hope we have their agreement to be able to dive back in there”. When asked about characters he would like to make appear in this possible season 3, it replies simply “Daredevil and Wilson Fisk”. What re-start a renewed interest in the series and convince the large egg-laying in Marvel/Netflix ?

Nothing is therefore done to Marvel’s The Punisher, especially as some rumors already that the series has been cancelled by Netflix. The actors, themselves, do not seem to be any illusions about the renewal. While Deborah Ann Woll, the interpreter of Karen Page, had hinted on Instagram that she would be very likely that role for the last time in season 2 of the Punisher, Jon Bernthal seems to accept the likely cancellation of his series, as he told Variety : “I know the reality of the situation and I am at peace with it. I’m not worried about that for the things I can control. When someone asks me to play a character, I do it as well as possible. But in this business, there are many things that we cannot control.” Have you noticed those little details hidden in season 1 of The Punisher ? Had you noticed that ? Emissions Bonus

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